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22/12/2035Deportivo Alavés buy Shahin!
19/12/2035Europa League groups stage completes!
19/12/2035Champions League groups stage completes!
22/11/2035CONCACAF semi finals drawn!
05/11/2035Ignacio transfered to Atlanta Utd!
30/10/2035Cassillas transfered to Monaco!
14/10/2035KRC Gent sign Helbert!
07/10/2035Santon transfered to Middlesbrough!
07/10/2035Dikgacoi transfered to Seattle Sounders!
07/10/2035Gruev joins Middlesbrough!
07/10/2035Seattle Sounders sign Sackar!
07/10/2035Middlesbrough sign Ni!
13/09/2035CONCACAF quarter finals drawn!
31/08/2035UC Sampdoria buy Cosenza!
31/08/2035Peitz joins Whitby Town!
31/08/2035Beaumarchais joins Pro Sesto!
31/08/2035Manchester City sign Peixoto!
31/08/2035Dobbie transfered to West Ham!
31/08/2035Newcastle buy Audsley!
31/08/2035Newcastle buy Drummond!
31/08/2035Hull City sign Morgensen!
31/08/2035Gallagher joins San Jose Earthquakes!
31/08/2035Hull City buy Kechere!
31/08/2035Mönchengladbach buy Van de Capelle!
31/08/2035Manchester City buy Bailey!
31/08/2035Geiger joins RB Leipzig!
31/08/2035Magruder transfered to Pro Sesto!
31/08/2035Sedlar joins Benfica!
31/08/2035Eintracht Frankfurt buy Brunet!
31/08/2035Pro Sesto sign Pinault!
31/08/2035Quickeborne joins RB Leipzig!
31/08/2035Newcastle sign Ednie!
31/08/2035Hopkins transfered to Glasgow Rangers!
31/08/2035Modena FC buy Stiegler!
31/08/2035SD Compostela buy Mamund!
31/08/2035Pickart joins Saint-Étienne!
31/08/2035Achziger transfered to PSV Eindhoven!
30/08/2035Adornes transfered to Montpellier!
30/08/2035Vranchev joins Eintracht Frankfurt!
30/08/2035Maupassant transfered to Paris Saint-Germain!
30/08/2035McGinnis transfered to West Ham!
30/08/2035Glasgow Rangers buy Maclay!
23/08/2035CD Nacional sign Fonck!
23/08/2035Ghilardotti joins Rennes!
23/08/2035UC Sampdoria sign Rapoza!
18/08/2035Rosero joins Manchester City!
16/08/2035Gaspar joins Mönchengladbach!
16/08/2035Tottenham buy McCrary!
16/08/2035CD Nacional sign Toma!
16/08/2035Biggers transfered to Braga!
16/08/2035Camphin joins Paris Saint-Germain!
16/08/2035Ajax Amsterdam sign Parrilla!
16/08/2035Yeni Malatyaspor buy Onal!
16/08/2035Luca transfered to RB Leipzig!
16/08/2035Newcastle buy Clark!
16/08/2035Flanagan joins West Ham!
12/08/2035Hossu transfered to Valencia!
06/08/2035Montpellier buy de Aertchier!
06/08/2035Mainz sign Mellett!
06/08/2035Elche CF sign de Bergerac!
05/08/2035African Nations Cup Final
04/08/2035CONCACAF Gold Cup Final
04/08/2035African Nations Cup Semi Finals
04/08/2035Asian Cup Final
03/08/2035CONCACAF Gold Cup Semi Finals
03/08/2035African Nations Cup Quarter Finals
03/08/2035Asian Cup Semi Finals
02/08/2035CONCACAF Gold Cup group stage completes
02/08/2035African Nations Cup group stage completes
02/08/2035Asian Cup Quarter Finals
01/08/2035CONCACAF Gold Cup to kick off!
01/08/2035African Nations Cup to kick off!
01/08/2035Asian Cup to kick off!
31/07/2035Leismuller joins FC Energie Cottbus!
30/07/2035Cirilo transfered to Reims!
30/07/2035Szakály transfered to Fenerbahçe!
30/07/2035Nolle transfered to Vitória SC!
30/07/2035Celeste transfered to Sivasspor!
30/07/2035Reiftens joins UC Sampdoria!
30/07/2035Di Maggio transfered to Juventus FC!
30/07/2035FC Twente sign Almada!
30/07/2035Pektemek transfered to Konyaspor!
30/07/2035Villalobos joins Rennes!
30/07/2035Baute joins Werder Bremen!
30/07/2035Garcia transfered to Real Valladolid!
28/07/2035Duchesnay joins Atletico Madrid!
24/07/2035GD Peniche sign Lebron!
23/07/2035FC Twente sign Lazcano!
23/07/2035Ajax Amsterdam buy Kalt!
23/07/2035Martel joins Vitória SC!
23/07/2035RCD Mallorca buy Bertz!
18/07/2035Europa league groups drawn!
18/07/2035Champions League groups drawn!
16/07/2035Sposetti joins Real Sociedad!
16/07/2035Corbo joins Juventus FC!
16/07/2035Valencia buy Ostermeyer!
16/07/2035RCD Mallorca sign Miguez!
16/07/2035Diaz transfered to Real Valladolid!
16/07/2035Shahin joins Konyaspor!
16/07/2035Tio joins Reims!