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05/12/2043FC Kosova Zurich sign Demara!
19/11/2043CONCACAF semi finals drawn!
30/10/2043Caetano joins Caldas SC!
10/10/2043Caldas SC sign Hermida!
03/10/2043Cerci transfered to SSC Napoli!
02/10/2043Caldas SC buy Lalama!
18/09/2043Aquilani joins Real Valladolid!
10/09/2043CONCACAF quarter finals drawn!
06/09/2043Loeb transfered to Benfica!
31/08/2043Messaoudi joins FC Kosova Zurich!
31/08/2043FC Kosova Zurich sign Alberto!
31/08/2043Reading buy Kenneth!
31/08/2043Guyotat joins Paris Saint-Germain!
27/08/2043Everton buy Glendenning!
25/08/2043Copa Libertadores groups drawn!
23/08/2043Noyer joins Arsenal!
21/08/2043Alemannia Aachen sign Pfab!
20/08/2043Internazionale Milano buy Orantes!
17/08/2043Augusto joins Union Berlin!
17/08/2043Morejon joins Hertha Berlin!
16/08/2043Leicester buy Blevins!
16/08/2043Veiga transfered to AC Milan!
15/08/2043Paris Saint-Germain sign Delcamp!
15/08/2043Paris Saint-Germain sign Fouroux!
15/08/2043Lone transfered to Paris Saint-Germain!
15/08/2043Jobert transfered to Paris Saint-Germain!
15/08/2043Viana joins Internazionale Milano!
05/08/2043World Club Cup completes!
29/07/2043World Club final scheduled!
23/07/2043Carvajal transfered to Matlock Town!
23/07/2043Como sign Stram!
23/07/2043Como sign Bueno!
22/07/2043Bersani transfered to PSV Eindhoven!
18/07/2043Europa league groups drawn!
18/07/2043Champions League groups drawn!
12/07/2043African Nations Cup completes!
11/07/2043Caldas SC sign Sabio!
10/07/2043SSC Napoli sign Sosno!
08/07/2043Chukwunyelu joins Buxton FC!
08/07/2043African Nations Cup Final
07/07/2043Giraldo transfered to Caldas SC!
05/07/2043CONCACAF Gold Cup completes!
03/07/2043African Nations Cup Semi Finals
01/07/2043CONCACAF Gold Cup Final
30/06/2043Asian Cup completes!
30/06/2043African Nations Cup Quarter Finals
27/06/2043Scioli transfered to Imolese Calcio!
27/06/2043Imolese Calcio sign Benetti!
27/06/2043Quaglierini joins Imolese Calcio!
27/06/2043Spataro transfered to Imolese Calcio!
27/06/2043Sturaro transfered to SSC Napoli!
26/06/2043CONCACAF Gold Cup Semi Finals
26/06/2043Asian Cup Final
23/06/2043Pradon transfered to Real Madrid!
21/06/2043African Nations Cup group stage completes
21/06/2043Asian Cup Semi Finals
20/06/2043CONCACAF Gold Cup group stage completes
16/06/2043Asian Cup Quarter Finals
05/06/2043CONCACAF Gold Cup to kick off!
05/06/2043African Nations Cup to kick off!
05/06/2043Asian Cup to kick off!
31/05/2043Player awards for Süper Lig division!
31/05/2043Süper Lig - Süper Lig Champions!
31/05/2043Player awards for Eredivisie division!
31/05/2043KNVB - Eredivisie Champions!
31/05/2043Player awards for Primeira division!
31/05/2043Liga Portugal - Primeira Champions!
31/05/2043Player awards for Série A division!
31/05/2043Campeonato Brasileiro - Série A Champions!
31/05/2043Player awards for Serie A division!
31/05/2043Lega Nazionale - Serie A Champions!
31/05/2043Player awards for Primera division!
31/05/2043Laliga - Primera Champions!
31/05/2043Player awards for Ligue 1 division!
31/05/2043Ligue de Football Professionnel - Ligue 1 Champion
31/05/2043Player awards for 1. division!
31/05/2043Bundesliga - 1. Champions!
31/05/2043Player awards for Premiership division!
31/05/2043English Premiership - Premiership Champions!
31/05/2043Player awards for Premiership division!
31/05/2043Scottish Football League - Premiership Champions!
24/05/2043Copa del Rey completes!
22/05/2043Europa League completes!
21/05/2043Copa Libertadores completes!
21/05/2043Champions League completes!
15/05/2043Europa League final scheduled!
13/05/2043Scottish Cup completes!
11/05/2043Coppa Italia completes!
10/05/2043FA Cup completes!
10/05/2043Swiss Cup completes!
10/05/2043Copa do Brasil completes!
10/05/2043MLS Cup completes!
10/05/2043Taça de Portugal completes!
10/05/2043KNVB Beker Cup completes!
10/05/2043Coupe De France completes!
10/05/2043Copa MX completes!
10/05/2043Türkiye Kupası completes!
10/05/2043DFB-Pokal completes!
08/05/2043Caldas SC buy Matias!
07/05/2043Caldas SC buy Cruz!